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Spring 2015 cover

Spring 2015 Cover photo
by J. Lynn Kelly

Welcome to, the web hub for eleven40seven: TCU's Journal of the Arts.

We encourage you to explore some of our web-exclusive content, and don't forget to check out how you can submit to next semester's issue.

If you're looking for a print copy of our 10th Anniversary Issue--an anthology that includes both new work as well as the finest submissions from our 1st 10 years--please go to 314 Reed Hall on TCU's campus, or contact us here.

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About Us

Spring 2014 cover

Spring 2014 Cover photo
by Jonathan Amerson

Who we are:

eleven40seven is TCU’s student-run, undergraduate journal of the arts. Originally started by the Bryson Literary Society in 2005, the journal now operates independently, run by an undergraduate staff and one faculty advisor. Together, we work to publish the journal biannually. In Spring 2015, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary.

What we believe:

The journal has always aimed to present a student perspective that differs drastically from mainstream campus culture, promoting TCU’s artistic and creative endeavors. Our desire to be different, to be unexpected, is an important part of our history and identity. 

Our name became eleven40seven. Our mission became to showcase the different, the new, the meaningful in the work generated by our fellow students.

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Submission Guidelines

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Staff (Spring 2015: 10th Anniversary Issue)

Our Spring 2015 staff
with a bunch of former staff members.

Allana Wooley
Lauren Hart

Creative Team
Rachel Deter
Kayla Stallings

Managing Editor
Lindsay Cowdin

Editorial Team
Victoria Burk
Bryson Lewis
Brian Mason
Brigid Murray
Tessa Salomone
Karlyn Tunnell

Faculty Advisor
Curt Rode


Archive (coming soon)

Spring 2014 cover
Fall 2015 Cover photo
by Ola Borduka
Spring 2014 Cover photo
by Jonathan Amerson
Fall 2013 Cover art
by Abigail Philp
Spring 2013 Cover art
by Eliza Smith

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